Welcome to Sundayland

Well, it's finally here and boy, I'm excited!

I was in bed the other night with my boy and he asked me about Sundayland. 

"Why are you building it?"

I gave a kinda sleepy answer... "It's something that's needed, we all need to slow down."

"Tell me more..."

I burst into tears.

"I'm building this for my friends who forgot how to stop and take care of themselves."

Wow, that hit me hard.

I started telling him about my incredible friends who run epic businesses and have inspiring careers.

How they all are pushing so hard for their dreams and creating magic.

I want to give them (YOU!) a nudge and permission slip to take some time out to fill your own cup first.

The WORLD needs you to bring the fire on a Monday morning.

WE need you to be innovating, creating, nurturing, managing from your highest vibe.

And to do that, you need sacred time to fill up your cup on a Sunday.

Find your sanctuary in Sundayland.

Big love,
Queenie xx