Why slow mornings are your key to your intuition

Before I turned off my inner control freak, my mornings were
so regimental.

Up early, coffee, at my desk within an hour and working.

I used to think that being regimented and tough on myself would make me more productive and I’d get more done.

How wrong could I be?

I’d stare at my screen with zero enthusiasm. I’d try everything to get into flow. Then I’d go through the motions of ticking things off, just so they were done.

After realising that my work had become a chore, I pulled
back and redesigned my mornings… by not designing them.


Instead of having habits,
I have rituals.

A toolbox of beautiful rituals to pick and choose from when I need them.

  • Feeling a bit crap? Meditation.
  • Feeling a bit ratty? Journal.
  • Feeling rushed? Breath work.
  • Weird energy? Go for a walk.

I block out time for ME before anyone else gets into my world.

Here’s why it works.

We get to be in our feminine energy first to create, imagine and use our intuition.

THEN we step into our masculine energy to get things done.

If we do it the other way round, we’re using our logic brain and “doing” which isn’t where our greatest insights come from.

The world, the habit gurus and the productivity nerds will tell you the opposite and guess what?

That’s cool. You do you, Boo.

Funny how most are men and they have no idea how women actually work… just saying.

We need time and space to “BE” FIRST without jumping into the doing and thinking part of our day.

Anyway, slow mornings are my jam… they could be yours too.

All you need is to try it for a few days and FEEL the difference.

Let me know if you’re going to try this.

Big love,
Queenie xx

P.S. Sanctuary is coming soon.