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A Love Letter,

To the woman who has lost her way.

You're a busy, professional and passionate leader who feels like something is missing from her already wonderful life. You've got this far, and now you're wondering what's next for you. 

You spend your days looking and being successful, but you feel a little empty inside. Is this it, you ask yourself.

Why aren't I fulfilled deep down? 

If you're truly honest with yourself, it feels like you've lost touch with who you are in your soul, and you're constantly burning out from trying to solve the problem by working harder. 

Time is passing you by; you think, "if I can just get through this, then I'll be ok", but that time never comes.

And if things don't change, you'll keep on waking up exhausted, your life will have passed you by, and your mid-life crisis will hit you in your face (even though you don't believe in having a mid-life crisis!) You're too busy for that!

There has to be another way of living, being successful AND retaining your beautiful, connected soul of yours happy RIGHT NOW, in this moment. 

Hi, I'm Carolynne. I've walked in your high heeled shoes, feeling like I was swinging from burnout and exhaustion to picking myself back up again. 

In 2010, I had it "all". Beautiful house, a great relationship, a well-paid job and a full social life, but it didn't fill me up. I felt like a shell of a woman, going through the motions of the life I'd created. 

It seems I was sold a lie about success and how it was meant to make me feel. Deep down, I knew there was another way.

So I decided to quit. I moonwalked out of my Fortune 500 job and made it my mission to figure out what a fulfilling life was really like that set my soul on fire. I wanted to help women all over the world feel connected, passionate, courageous and successful in their own way, not just society's way.

Today, I run Sundayland, a company that promotes taking time out to reconnect with who you truly are so you can go out into the world with boldness, compassion, the spirit of adventure and live in complete alignment with who you are. 

I run online and offline experiences for you to find your way back home to yourself. And not only that, my boutique sells soulful goods to help you along the way. 

If you want every day to fill you up (not drag you down), you can get access to everything you need to lead you home to your true self.

Would you like to join me to take your first step on an adventure of a lifetime?

If that's a HELL YES, then here's how we can work together.

Get an Intuition Reading for Instant Access to your Intuition.

Book a call for a chat about my 1:1 Alignment Coaching.


The Sundayland Manifesto

At Sundayland, we put ourselves first so we can be ready to serve others. We fill our own cup first.

We spend one hour per week (at least) on something that we love, just for the sake of doing it.

Slow mornings are our religion, and we practice them as much as we can, whether we have 2 minutes or 2 hours. It's a mindset, not just an action.

We know that self-care is an act of self-love. Self-love is having boundaries and the courage to enforce them.

We are good at thinking and taking action, but we know our superpower is based on how we feel. We honour our intuition.

We understand the world isn't set up for feelings; thinking and action are praised and rewarded. However, we are the pioneers of making feeling good a priority. Sundays are the time we practice it.

We connect with others all over the world and share our journey from Burnout to Bliss. 

We are ENOUGH as we are. We are happy to grow and learn because we are curious, not because we feel we aren't enough.

We love the process AND the goal. 

We use fun and good vibes as a metric. 



We're on the socials as @heysundayland

And if you want to message us - hola (at) sundayland.co.uk

BUT before you do, check our FAQs page as everything you need is on there.